The Wise & Subtle Arte of Reading Cards

…as examined by a Witch who practices said Arte

Cartomancy is the practice of reading playing cards to discern the future and interpret various life events and personal questions. Reading cards to answer such questions has been a practice of witches, gypsies, and fortune tellers for several hundred years. It is true, of course, that the regular playing card pack is not so charming or erudite as her mother, the Tarot. Nonetheless, we have often found ourselves willing to trade the mother's unvoiced, wisdom-filled glances for the child's forthright and honest speech.

Thus, it is well worth bearing in mind that finery and age are not inevitably marks of wisdom and knowledge, nor plainness and youth marks of foolishness and ignorance. It all depends on what you want to know. If you wish to discuss philosophy, approach the front door and ask for the philosopher. But should you wish to know what transpires in the philosopher's house, approach the back door and ask for the scullery maid.

The reading of playing cards has another advantage… because they are so common, most people seeing them in your desk, on your table, or in your possession will not suspect the use to which you put them. Thus you shall follow a long-held tradition of witches: hiding in plain sight.

Many systems of card reading, both of regular playing cards and Tarot cards, are generally too rigid in their meanings and methods. This does not allow the reader to give full play to intuition, and consequently, detailed predictions, such as come only through the use of intuition, are lacking.

The following method is presented in three parts. A person studying it may stop at any part, although the Witch of exceptional memory will have more predictive material at her fingertips than the Witch of poor or middling memory.

To begin, we shall present the bare bones of the method for the Witch of Poor Memory. Those with middling or exceptional memories must also study this material and practice it before moving on to greater tasks and abilities.

A standard deck of playing cards should be procured for this study. Please note that there are no “reversals” in the system. A card has the same meaning upright as reversed.

Cartomancy Reading for Beginners

Learning Suggestions

Admittedly, the above represents a great deal of information to absorb. If you feel overwhelmed, you need not go on. Card reading for the Witch of Poor Memory gives you a serviceable oracle at your disposal and you can stop your study there. If you wish to continue, you will be able to predict much more specific things, but it will take some effort to learn the speech of the cards.

It need not be an onerous learning. Do not sit down and memorize the card meanings by rote. Instead, try the following suggestions:

  1. Take 10 to 15 minutes a day to simply review one group of four cards — the Kings, the Queens, the Sevens, the Twos, etc. Have that group of cards before you, and simply read over the material three or four times times, letting it sink in.
  2. Keep a pack of cards with you as often as you can. If you have a few private moments, simply take them out and draw off the top three cards. See if you can come up with an interpretation or two for them. Remember a trio of cards does not necessarily mean just one thing. It can mean several things, and all of those several interpretations will be correct. When you are done with those three cards, go on to the next three until you are through the deck.
  3. Do practice readings for an imaginary Seeker, as if you were telling a story from the cards. Lay out a Square of Nine and interpret it. Even though imaginary, it is still excellent practice. Almost every Witch learns to read cards this way. It is said that a card reader is a storyteller, only different from a fiction-teller in that her stories come true. So practice by laying out an imaginary throw and telling an imaginary story. But know that when a true Seeker comes, your story will be true. It's as simple as that.
  4. Keep a notebook. If you read cards frequently, you will see combinations recurring, and you should note those down. Focus primarily on the card meanings at first; when you know them well, start focusing on combinations.

Mastering the Arte of Reading Cards is an achievable goal for any aspiring Witch. By integrating the study of cards into your daily routine, and keeping them close at hand for spontaneous practice, you can gradually and effectively deepen your understanding and fluency in their language. This approach will not only enhance your skills but also make the learning process enjoyable and fulfilling.

Remember, Cartomancy is as much an art of storytelling as it is a divinatory practice, and like any good story, it unfolds and reveals itself over time with patience, practice, and a touch of intuition. Whether you stop at the basics or delve deeper into specific predictions, the journey through the world of cards promises to be a fascinating and rewarding one.