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Mandrake Root

Welcome to the Cottage of a Hedgewytch

You are invited to explore my Cottage at your convenience. If you are a practitioner on the Traditional Path of the Craft as I am, please explore what is offered herein at your leisure.

The meaning of the word Hedgewytchery as I use it is more related to the older praxis of HedgeRiders, MyrkRiders, or even WyrdRiders and is not used as a simple descriptive term that encompasses the somewhat misguided and romantic notions of solitary Wytches tooling about in their gardens by the light of the moon (an idea that is often erroneously coupled with Kitchen Witchery). 

I have intentionally replaced the i in the second half of the word with a y as to differentiate it from the meaning that has been somewhat corrupted by Rae Beth and her followers who practice what I believe she terms WildWood Crafting.

My use of the label HedgeWytch is a specific term that draws on the vast knowledge of WortCunning in order to create salves and balms and use of Trance States used for lifting the spirit out of the body - to travel *oot and aboot* as it were. This is hardly the sort of work one would want to be solitary while doing. To even consider it would be foolhardy and potentially dangerous.

The Hedge itself is representative of the boundary, not only of the village or community where the HedgeWytch resides, but the boundaries between this world and the other world, between the mundane and the spirit world.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*   ❋   *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Amid the sounds of chatter bright
The pale Lady shows her face of light
With echoes of a familiar tune 
We sing and dance a Witches' rune

Once has dimmed the sound of laughs
Hard stones are touched by stangs & staffs
By midnight tread of dancing feet
We keep the rhythm and melodic beat

With power raised then we aspire
Chanting, pacing flames of fire
Releasing baleful harm and bane
Renewed, enlivened, we begin again

Thanking water, fire, earth and air
With voices raised we each declare
The hidden company unseen departs
We end the rites with loving hearts

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