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About this Site

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Hello there! Thank you for your interest. Please review the following topics for relevant information and contact details, where applicable.

General reader questions and feedback

If you’d like to send in a general question or comment, please subscribe to the Traditional Witchcraft newsletter! That way, other subscribers will be able to see our answers to your question and/or will benefit from your feedback. You can remain anonymous if you wish — just let us know in your email replies. We try really hard to reply to every subscriber’s email, so it might take us a few days to answer your questions and comments.

You can also find us on social media:

Advice for new witches and card readers

Given time restraints, we’re unable to offer mentorship to aspiring witches or card readers. We’ve compiled the following resources for you and hope you find them helpful:

Sharing content from this site

You are welcome to share excerpts from the free version of the Wise & Subtle Arte of Reading Cards series as long as you prominently link back to the original article.

Please note that Dawn R. Jackson was given permission by An Arteful Anonymous Witch to publish the Wise and Subtle Arte of Reading Cards on her original website. The Wise & Subtle Arte of Reading Cards articles and eBook are copyright to An Arteful Anonymous Witch and may not be published elsewhere.

For all other inquiries, you can reach us at spellcoven at gmail dot com.

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