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Hedge Witch Books

A good book is the precious life-blood of a master spirit, embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life.
John Milton

A Cunning Man or Hedgewytch must be a veritable walking encyclopedia with knowledge and understanding of many, many things - not just Traditional Craft. I suggest that you read all you can get your hands on. Never forget that your local library can be a great boon to you on your quest for knowledge and information. If the library near you does not carry the books you are looking for you can always order them as an inter-library loans and you are usually able to keep the book longer than a traditional checkout. Scour new and used bookstores as well. Even places online such as alibris and abebooks can be helpful in locating obscure titles. 

Caveat Emptor

Let the Buyer Beware: Recently there has been a spate of plagiarized materials that have been made available through what are known as vanity press outlets. These outlets such as Lulu (Cafe Press is another similar venue that allows self-publishing) offer a rapid and inexpensive way to make material available to the masses, unlike corporate and mainstream publishers there is no editing staff, nor are there safeguards in place to assure that plagiarism will not be a rampant problem. Books containing plagiarized material that were made available through these sources have been discovered and these works consisted of content that was originally generated by authors such as Paul Huson and Michael Howard among others (these original authors still maintain valid copyrights to their works). 

Examples of this type of intellectual property theft are the book The Hammer of Tubal Cain that was recently removed from Lulu, the entire corpus of this work was drawn from the book Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson. Other titles in the Lulu catalogue are being researched currently and as the plagiarized versions of other works are located I will make the titles available here as well for those who wish to be informed of this information. These and other materials were used without the author's legal consent or permission so those on the lookout for interesting and illuminating books need to be aware of what they are actually purchasing when selecting books to purchase from these online self-publishing portals. 


New! Google Books offers many works that may pique the curiosities of Traditional Crafters, these books are now listed as being in the Public Domain!

    Please click the links to titles below that I have found that may be of some interest to you. You may choose to read online or download the complete file in .pdf format:


     In  the White Goddess Robert Graves asserts that all real poetry is an invocation to the Triple Goddess of Antiquity-She who controls birth, death, procreation-and that which is the poet's fealty for Her that determines the authenticity of his work. "The main theme of poetry" Graves says, "Is the relations of Man and Woman, rather than those of Man and Man as the Apollonian classicists would have it." The male poet woos the Goddess with words in order to partake of her magic. He is at once her supplicant and her priest. Where does this leave the female poet? She must become an incarnation of the Triple Goddess herself, incorporating all her aspects, creative and destructive. This is why it is so dangerous to be a female poet. It is a little like being a Witch.

--Erica Jong - Witches


The Witch

When I was a young girl by Nilus stream
I watched the desert stars arise;
My lover, he who dreamed the Sphinx,
learned all his dreaming from my eyes,
I bore in Greece a burning name,
And I have been in Italy
Madonna to a painter-lad
And mistress to a Medici.
And you have heard (and I have heard)
Of puzzled men with decorous mein.
Who judged---the wench knows far too much---
And hanged her on the Salem green.

© Adelaide Crapsey

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